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Head only Single
Head only caricatures
can include a small scene
as seen here.
Head only Single
Graphite is inexpensive and
isn't as bold as other media, but
can still capture a subject.
Head only Couple
With graphite, there's a little shading, but
ink wash is best for true grayscale drawings.
Head only Couple
When you need a quick impression,
a pencil sketch can fit the bill.

With Body Single
A gift for a friend who
is a big baseball fan!  Use
your imagination to make it fun!
With Body Single
He is a "super" president of the
neighborhood block watch.
What a flattering gift!

With Body Singles
With a body, you can incorporate a hobby, an activity
or a theme and make it meaningful.
Props, logos, costumes... all free!
With Body Couple
A thank-you gift for the printer
and proofreader of the block watch
newsletter. Two is more fun than one!

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