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Head only Single (digital)
A digital drawing of a friend
from Britain who enjoys a "spot of tea"!
Head Only Couple
A gift to their actor son on his birthday. 
Head Only Couple
A gift from her to him for
their anniversary. 

With Body Single
You can add a body to add more action
and  character to your caricature! 
With Body Couple
A wedding gift for a
sports oriented couple.
With Body Group (digital)
This digital piece was made as New Year's card
for a New York City restaurant.  

With Body Single
You can personalize your gift with
a vehicle for just $20 more.
This boating fan loved it!
With Body Couple
Customized with props to make it
 fun and personal!

With Body Group
The man was drawn with his best
friend and his favorite golfer.

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