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 B/w with Limited Color Samples 
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**Click on any sample to see a larger version**

Head only Single (1 color)
A little color added to a black and white drawing
can be subtle or striking. This subtly colored
 drawing was part of a family portrait series.
Head only Single (2 colors)
Limited color can also be added to a
 digital drawing, such as in this example done for a 1 year old's birthday gift.
With Body Single (1 color)
A single color stands out with
a black and white piece, and can
really catch the viewer's eye.
With Body Couple (1 color)
This piece used the limited color throughout
the drawing, making it more uniform,
much like a sepia print.

With Body Single (2 colors)
Part of a seires of  high school
girl's basketball seniors.  Adding a little
color makes the drawing that much better..
With Body Single (2 colors)
Darker skin looks good with the gray
tones, and the addition of team  colors
 gives the piece strong visual impact!

With Body Single (1 color)
A gift for a cross country
coach from graduating seniors.
It was hung in his office proudly!
Head Only Couple (2 colors)
A series of drawings for a country club that
rewarded tournament winners with a special
drawing for their efforts. Logos added at no charge!

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