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**Click on any sample to see a larger version**
Head only Ink Wash
This technique reproduces well and gives some added depth. Though it's actually b/w,
another color may be used in place of black.
Head Only Ink Wash
The solid black makes this portrait more dramatic!  Specify in your order if you prefer a certain background.
Head Only Ink Wash
A realtor used this
portrait for promotional
Head only Limited Color
Using only blue/black and
white, this option adds depth. 
Just about any color can be
used in this method
Ink Wash Head only
This portrait was part of a series used for a program for a charity dinner.  This one was the chef!
Ink Wash Montage
Priced as a "couple", you can add peraonality by showing an activity. The smaller figure is the subject as a child.
Ink Wash Montage
Ink wash can be dramatic!  With the addition of the second figure, you can tell more of the subject's story. 
Ink Wash Group
This was a family group-- four adult children commissioned this portrait to give to their parents as a Christmas gift.
Terra Cotta Chalk 
Large commissioned piece for
an Italian Festival honoring a
local parish founder.  This technique gives an antique look.
Sepia Conte Chalk
A commission for a gift for NBA basketball star Michael Redd. This was a wedding gift that they will remember!
Sepia Conte Chalk
A family group of siblings that wanted a special gift for Mother's Day.  What a great way to say "We love you!"
Terra Cotta Conte Chalk
This was a Father's Day gift, this time from a wife to her husband .  

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