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Head only Single
This was made as Christmas gift
for a man to give to his wife, and
he wrote a poem to go with it.
Head only Couple
This painting was a Mother's Day gift from
a husband to his wife.
Head only Group
A mother commissioned this portrait
to have a lasting family portrait of her children.
Head only Single
A small portrait, only 8 x10, but the
precious subject made it huge for
the entire family.
Head Only Montage
Watercolor portraits can really capture
personality well!  A sister gave this as
a gift to her two brothers.
Head Only Montage
A Christmas gift for his wife,
this painting was 18x24 inches in size.
Head Only Montage
Logos, buildings, even pets can be
incorporated into a montage to
personalize the gift. 
Size was 11x14.
Head Only Montage
For Mother's Day, one client wanted a portrait
of his wife and twin son and daughter.
With Body Collage
Commissioned by WTVN radio to honor
former Ohio State football coach and 
College Hall of Famer Earle Bruce. 
This piece was 20x30 inches.

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