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Head only Single
Part of a series of drawings for
company employees.
Head Only Couple
A golden anniversary gift for a happy couple
who had their honeymoon at Niagra Falls.

Head Only Group
This was a Christmas card
for a family to send to friends.
(you can add a pet for only $20)

With Body Single
A retirement gift for a lady who loves her cats and quiliting..
With Body Couple
A wedding present for two doctors.
With Body Group
A family gift for Father's Day.

With Body Single
For a pizza shop owner who loves his
Harley.  Add a vehcile for only $20 more.
With Body Couple
Incorporate a favorite hobby to personalize
your gift caricature.This couple met while kayaking.

With Body Group
A youth group that does an annual
drawing for graduating seniors. With groups
you can add a little chaos to make it fun!

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