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**Click on any sample to see a larger version**
This portrait was part of
a series of portaits used
in a presentation for a well-known accounting firm.
A portrait of my
father that was used in
promotional mailers and
advertisements for his business.
A gift to a special lifelong friend. This client purchased
several drawings to give
as gifts to friends and family.
A mother/daughter portrait
commissioned by the girl's father to
commemorate her first communion.
A birthday gift for
his fiancee. He chose
cream colored paper for
an antique look.
This portrait was
given to a widow  of a
policeman who had passed
away in the line of duty.
Part of a series of
over a dozen  illustrations
for a Psychology textbook.
A christmas gift from a proud uncle
to the parents of his niece and nephew.
The paper was off-white/ivory colored.
This portrait was part of
the above mentioned series of portaits for a well-known
accounting firm.
A dad and his two daughters.
 This gift portrait hangs proudly
in his office.
A Valentine's gift from her to him. Loose, casual, and fun!  He  loved it!
A gift from him to her
as an engagement gift.
(a thank you for saying "yes"!)

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