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With Body Montage
This portrait was an anniversary
present. showing her in her wedding gown
and antique gown she wears in her job
as tour guide at the building shown
Head Only Montage
A gift for a retiree, this
portrait incorporates logos
and type. These elements
can be added for a small fee.
Mixed Montage
A charcoal triple portrait that shows his fiancee
in three different poses. The original size
of this portrait was 18x24 inches.
Larger sizes are not a problem!
With Body Montage
An uncommissioned  tribute to
one of my favorite tennis players,
 Jennifer Capriati.  You can include
an action shot like this as well!
Head Only Montage
A Christmas gift for his fiancee,
he shows the Grand Canyon where
they were engaged.  He chose beige
paper for  a subdued effect.
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