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 Before emailing or calling, allow me to answer a few commonly asked questions:
                Q: How much do you charge for...?  
                    A: The price list is located here: PRICES
                        You can also get a price estimate by filling out the order request form
                Q: What is the difference between digital and traditional mediums?
                    A: Traditional is drawn or painted on paper. There is only one original. 
                        Digital is done with a computer and is emailed to you and can be
                        used on the web or printed. Digital is also cleaner and more vibrant which
                        works better for reproduction.
                Q: Can you not make it funny? I want it to be flattering.
                    A: Caricatures are basically cartoonized portraits. I don't go crazy with
                        exaggeration (unless you ask me to do so!), but if you want a more
                        serious portrait, Click Here
                Q: Where do I send photos? How do I pay? Do you take credit cards?
                    A: Once you place an order request, you will be given the info for sending
                        photos and payment, including how to pay with credit if you prefer.
                Q: What sizes do you offer?
                    A: Prices shown are for up to 11"x14" (except digital which can be any size).
                        Prices for larger sizes are found here: Size Chart
                Q: Do you do caricatures at parties or events?
                    A: Yes! Check out my live caricature website here:

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