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Head only Single
A gift for an online friend
done "just for fun"!  Adding 
color adds a lot of pizzazz!
Head only Single
For a employee page of a company website.
Head only Couple
A wedding announcement (save the date card)
that made the big news more fun!

Head only Group
This was made as Christmas card
for a law firm. Digital drawings
are easy to send to a printer for reproduction.
With Body Single
A gift for a retiree from Goodwill Industries. Adding a hobby makes it  fun and personal!
With Body Single
For a Columbus, Ohio area
realtor to use on business
cards and his website.
With Body Couple
A wedding gift for a couple who loves fishing.
Head only Group
Created for the music group Azimuth
for use on their website.
With Body Single
A thank you gift for a golf coach at University of Georgia from one of her students.
With Body Single
Part of a series of gifts for
graduating senior che
for a California high school.
With Body Couple
Two original members of the
Jamaican Bobsled Team needed
a "glossy" to autograph for fans!
With Body Group
Family cariacture to illustrate the annual family Christmas Letter..
With Body Single
Used for Bat Mitzvah invitations, you can have
 your subject doing
just about anything!
With Body Single
For a Michigan realtor to use
for promotional purposes.
With Body Single
Done as an illustration
for a cover for a  private
cookbook for friends and family.
With Body Group
A car magnet for a family realtor business.

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